State of Minnesota vs. CenturyLink

Court File No. 02-cv-17-3488

Minnesota District Court, Tenth Judicial District


You may have received a notice in the mail because you previously contacted the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office about CenturyLink. The Minnesota Attorney General sued CenturyLink over the company’s billing practices and reached a settlement with the company. You may be entitled to a refund under this settlement. Please read the notice or the information contained on this website and complete the claim form by December 16, 2022 if you believe CenturyLink over-charged you for internet or television service, or you can click File a Claim to submit your claim online.


The Minnesota Attorney General’s lawsuit alleged that CenturyLink misrepresented the price of the internet and television service it sold to consumers by promising one price but charging a higher price instead. The Minnesota Attorney General’s Office settled this lawsuit. Under the settlement, CenturyLink has been required to change the way it does business in Minnesota by honestly disclosing its prices. The company also agreed to pay money that can be used to compensate consumers who were charged more than they were promised.


If you were over-billed you have two options. First, you may choose to receive a flat fee payment of up to $480. Second, you may instead choose to submit your CenturyLink bills showing the amount that CenturyLink over-billed you if it was more than $480.

Regardless of which option you choose, you must file a claim by December 16, 2022 to receive your refund. You can submit a claim by clicking the Submit Claim button on this website, or mail the claim form you received in the mail to the claims administrator at: MN AG Century Link Settlement, c/o Settlement Administrator, 1650 Arch Street, Philadelphia PA 19103. You should also provide additional information so that your information can be matched to your CenturyLink account. If the information you provide cannot be matched to your CenturyLink account information you may be asked to provide additional information at a later date.